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Space to roam - Emmentaler AOP Switzerland
Exemplary animal protection law

Space to roam

The cows on our farms have lots of space to roam. Whenever they are not out on the meadow (for example at night or during harsh winters), the cows stay in their modern accommodations on the farm where they are free to move about and enjoy the daylight. In summer, the cows generally graze on a meadow with lots of green and space for at least 26 days a month. In winter, as far as possible, they have access to an outside area or a meadow on 13 days every month to get some fresh air.

Throughout the year, the cows can eat, ruminate, digest, rest and interact with other cows according to their individual needs. After all, cows are very social animals.

We at Emmentaler Switzerland are very proud that Swiss dairy farmers adhere to a very stringent and comprehensive law that sets the bar for animal welfare (the Swiss Animal Welfare Act). More information

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