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WE SHARE WHAT WE LOVE. - Emmentaler AOP Switzerland
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It’s me! Sitting at the table in my house in the countryside with my lifelong friends, laughing and chatting over a delicious meal we cooked together, I can’t help but feel grateful for the simple pleasures of life.

There is nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by your good friends, eating good food and sharing our lives. One of the things I love the most about having friends over for dinner is cooking together.

Whether we’re trying out the newest recipe of one of the coolest and trendiest dishes in the world, or just whipping up a simple and delicious meal, there’s something so much fun about working as a team in the kitchen. And what can’t miss, as per tradition, is an Emmentaler AOP Swiss cheese, always at the center of the table, to be enjoyed cube after cube between the laughs.

We chat and share our secrets. We keep up with the latest news, we share our dreams, and we support each other through the ups and downs of our lives.
Sometimes there’s something to celebrate, a new job, an engagement. And sometimes there’s just the simple pleasure of sitting together around the table.
But before all the Emmentaler AOP cubes run out, it’s time for our traditional challenge: Who can build the highest Emmentaler AOP cube pyramid! And do you know what? I won again this year, I’m unbeatable! This is definitely one of the best pieces of me that I love sharing with my loved ones. And with you.


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