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Is cheese healthy? - Emmentaler AOP Switzerland
Full of natural ingredients

Is cheese healthy?

Cheese lovers, jump for joy! Cheese really is good for you. It’s all down to the natural ingredients. And guess what cheese you will find near the top of the healthy cheeses list: Emmentaler AOP.

Around 43% of the milk that Swiss farmers produce is made into cheese. To make one 100 kg wheel of Emmentaler AOP, you need around 1,200 l of raw milk. This is equivalent to the milk yield of 41 cows in a day. The around 33,000 cows, which supply roughly 200 million litres of milk per year for Emmentaler AOP at around 2,200 milk production farms are estimated to consume just under 1,600,000 t of grass per year.

Good to know: genetically modified rennet and cultures are strictly prohibited in the production of Emmentaler AOP. Everything’s natural, guaranteed. Emmentaler AOP is 100% free from genetically modified organisms (GMO-free).

Milk contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are preserved in the cheesemaking process. To make Emmentaler AOP, only fresh raw milk is used. Raw milk is a natural product that must not be heated above 40°C – this is to preserve the precious vitamins and minerals it contains.

What makes cheese healthy?

Cheese is an excellent source of nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamins. Emmentaler AOP is a very healthy cheese with beneficial properties that provide the body with important nutrients and of course captures the heart of every cheese lover.

Rich in calcium

Emmentaler AOP is a good source of both protein and calcium. Calcium is essential for building and maintaining bone mass, for healthy teeth and for keeping muscles working. Just 30 g of Emmentaler AOP supplies the body with almost 300 mg of calcium, which corresponds to about one third of the recommended daily intake for an adult. In older people, calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, which is an age-related disease in which the bone structure weakens.

Rich in vitamins

Emmentaler AOP contains many nutrients that contribute to a balanced diet. It has vitamin A, which contributes to healthy vision, vitamin D, which helps regulate the balance of calcium in the body, vitamin B2, which gives you energy and supports growth, and vitamin B12, which supports blood formation.

Naturally lactose-free

People who are lactose-intolerant tolerate Emmentaler AOP very well because Emmentaler AOP does not contain lactose at any level of maturity. This means that even if you are lactose intolerant, you can enjoy this cheese without any issues.

Low in salt

It is now a well-known fact that a low-salt diet is healthier. Emmentaler AOP has a very low salt content of about 0.5 g of salt per 100 g – but it lacks nothing in the flavour department!

No artificial additives

Emmentaler AOP is 100% free from artificial additives. For our dairy cows, silage is prohibited as fodder.

No genetic modification

Emmentaler AOP is guaranteed free from genetically modified organisms (GMO-free). Genetically modified rennet and cultures are strictly prohibited in the production of Emmentaler AOP. Everything’s natural, guaranteed.

Supports the immune system

According to a literature review by Agroscope, Emmentaler AOP can help support the immune system because it has a natural high content of the short-chain fatty acid called propionic acid.

More diverse gut flora

Because it is a raw milk cheese, Emmentaler AOP increases the diversity of the gut flora. This has a positive effect on glucose and fat metabolism, helps prevent allergies and has a general beneficial effect on health.

Why is cheese particularly good for vegetarians?

Emmentaler AOP is an excellent source of protein for people who don’t eat meat, providing up to 10 g of protein per portion. 30 g of Emmentaler AOP contains about as much protein as an egg.

Is cheese low-carb?

Yes, Emmentaler AOP is suitable for those on a low-carb diet or food combining diet. Our cheese is a natural, healthy food that fits perfectly as part of a balanced diet. For adults, we would recommend 40 g of Emmentaler AOP per day.

Need a great cheese recipe? Why not try our delicious recipes using Emmentaler AOP?

Low-calorie cheese

The cheeses with the lowest calories include Harzer cheese, feta cheese and cottage cheese.
For detailed nutritional information about Emmentaler AOP, please refer to the specific information for the variety you are interested in on our website.

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