Committed to quality

Our values


Emmentaler Switzerland pursues a clear vision based on our four strong core values.


Emmentaler AOP is a natural cheese free from additives.

Our raw milk is guaranteed to come from natural, environmentally-friendly agriculture and dairy farming. It is processed by hand the same day in the region, so it requires less transportation. Every manufacturing stage supports processing that saves resources wherever possible.

Regional focus

Emmentaler AOP supports local craftsmanship.

We know all our cheese makers personally. They are regional village dairies or family businesses that have been producing cheese for generations. Thanks to the individual cheese dairy number on each piece, every cheese can be traced back to its place of origin. This is how we preserve traditional Swiss cheese-making, while safeguarding jobs in remote regions.


Emmentaler AOP is an outstanding premium cheese.

Fresh, natural raw Swiss milk is gently processed by hand every day. With traditional production using modern processing methods, this high-quality hard cheese retains the best properties of the milk. This results in a first-class selection of flavours for health-conscious gourmets.

Animal welfare

Emmentaler AOP
follows the most stringent animal welfare legislation.

Our policies guarantee that cows receive natural feed, get plenty of exercise, have space to roam and are personally looked after by dairy farmers in herds of around 26 cows. You can tell when cows are happy – and you can also taste it in delicious Emmentaler AOP.

Typically Swiss
The requirements

There is a list of requirements with precise conditions for producing Emmentaler AOP: everything is specified, from milk quality to animal husbandry and feeding. Even the number and size of the holes. Only when the cheese meets all these requirements does it become an Emmentaler AOP. This is our guarantee of the well-being of animals and nature, as well as premium cheese quality for maximum enjoyment.

Sound strict? Well it is. For a fun distraction, take this interactive virtual journey through Emmental and the regulations.

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